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Top 3 Tips for Storing Athletic Supplies

Where do you store your outdoor supplies in the winter? Soon we will be enjoying a fire grilled burger while sitting in the sun; Roslindale Self Storage wants all your belongings ready for the warmer weather. With seasonal storage that is possible. When the wind whistles by and brings the snow with it, you can sit by the fire and relax because you know your items are safe in a unit here. If you are looking for a way to save space use these tips for storing athletic supplies.

Roslindale MA seasonal storage

Reduce and Recycle

To help you stay on budget go through your equipment before packing it away for the year. Toys can break and outdoor accessories may need replaced. Now is the time to inventory what you have and replace what is unfixable. Some tools may still work but are not regularly used by anyone in your household. If this is the case, make a donation pile and deliver it to an organization that can use the items.

Divide and Conquer

Figure out a system for storing. This keeps you organized and efficient when switching your gear. Divide by sport or time of year it is used so when the time of year rolls around again you can easily find what you need. Add a list or floor plan of where everything is stored. Take this with you when you come to the unit and make sure it is continually updated.

Ready the outdoor gear

Nets and canopy toppers need inspected before storage. These take the most beating during the games. If nets are left out through winter storms and harsh rainfalls they can dry rot and become brittle. Bring the basketball net and soccer goals down for the season.

Athletic supplies are just one category our seasonal storage units can help you with. Stop by Roslindale Self Storage to see other ways to create useful space around your home.

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