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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

As we get ready for winter weather let’s take a moment to think about how you are preparing your vehicle for winter. Taking the time to properly put your motorcycles and cars away for the winter will make spring that much more enjoyable. To guide you through this process we have a few tips below that will make this winter prep easy. 

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

  • Take your vehicle for one last ride to allow it to warm up and burn off any condensation that has accumulated. The changing temperatures cause water to build in your vehicle and rust can occur if not properly taken care of.
  • Top of the tanks and keep them full all winter. Do not be tempted to start the car to make sure its still working. This will make the fluids burn down enough for vapors to acquire.
  • Small animals like to take shelter in areas like your tail pipe and vents. Place rags or cloths over these open areas to stop them from damaging the cabin and electronics of your vehicle.
  • Chains and hinges need to have a grease on them to keep them from freezing shut if the temperatures drop.
  • Switch all fluids out unless recently changed. Changing and filling all the fluids up is just another way to keep water away.
  • Add a little extra air pressure to the tires to keep them full. Cool air will make the pressure in your tires condense and will cause deflation and flat spots.
  • You may not be viewing your vehicle everyday so as a precaution to any theft or vandalism uphold current insurance.
  • Keep the musty smells away during the winter! Roll down the window an inch and use a heavy duty cover to keep snowy weather out.

For more help in preparing your vehicle for winter stop by the office to talk with us!

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