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Packing for storage, all you need to know

The spring and summer seasons are the busiest when it comes to selling and buying homes. If your family is in that situation this year, let Roslindale Self Storage guide you through the best storage packing tips. A storage unit with us offers peace of mind and knowledge you need to get the job done. Moving a whole house can be overwhelming, especially when the big day is coming fast, that is why we want to give you the insight you need to pack and protect with our self storage.

Spring cleaning and home renovations are also a big undertaking most people do when the temperatures rise. Do you know storage can help with this as well? Our short term storage solutions are helpful if the furniture needs moved out before the construction starts. Take advantage of our tips below.

Roslindale MA storage packing tips

  • Quality packing supplies make a difference. Our office has everything on your shopping list.
  • Stay on budget with the correct size unit. A 5×5 unit will be too small for all your household belongings.
  • Be strategic when packing the moving truck so the unloading process is less complicated.
  • Storing large appliance requires a few days preparation. Unplug and leave the door open to dry out water. While in storage, keep the door open to avoid unwanted mildew.
  • The cold floor may go though a temperature change and make condensation form on the bottom of cardboard boxes. Create air flow by lining the floor with pallets or 2x4s.
  • Safeguard specific materials like wood, leather, and metal. Adding a coat of wax or sealer will preserve the finish.

Whether your plans involve moving or refreshing your home, Roslindale Self Storage packing tips are sure to make the job easier. When it comes to packing your gear for storage a storage unit in Roslindale MA saves you space, time, and money. Talk with a Roslindale Self Storage expert about the benefits our space has.

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