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Extra Items? Tips For Selling Online

Where do you store your gear you do not use often? Consider Roslindale Self Storage! We offer interior storage units and tips to help you move, sell extra gear online, and stay organized. This month we are getting ready for the upcoming moving season with tips for selling online. As you pack up your house, sell things you no longer need or let us keep them safe until you are settled in your new home.

Roslindale Self Storage features interior temperature controlled storage units and storage lockers in Roslindale MA. Our small storage units can help if you want to store a few things while you post them online. Our store manager will walk you through the process of renting a storage unit and show you all the options we offer. Check out these need to know tips for selling online, then call us to store your merchandise.

Selling Online Roslindale MA

Tips for Selling Online

  1. Sell multiple things together to speed up the process. Kids clothes, all in the same size, could be just what a new parent needs.
  2. Mention clothing sizes, furniture measurements, or shoe sizes in the description. These details are important depending on what you are selling.
  3. More detail the better. Upload multiple pictures and add details to the description.
  4. Broken or damaged? Tell customers up front that the gear you are selling needs work before it is operable.
  5. Selling on Ebay or Etsy allows you to set a time for the sale. Customers may be more intrigued if there is only a certain number of products left.

Apps for Selling Your Belongings

Sell on the go with these selling apps! Take a photo while you pack up the house and sell it before your move.

  1. Offer Up
  2. Let Go
  3. Etsy
  4. Facebook Marketplace

Our Roslindale MA storage is helpful if you are planning to sell things online but want to move them out of the house awhile. Roslindale Self Storage is your secure storage solution, give us call today!

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