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How can a storage rental help you while staging your home?

What is the first step when planning a move? Roslindale Self Storage is here to help you stage on a budget and store like a pro. When your family is growing or its time to downsize, a storage rental can make a huge difference. The space we provide not only secures your large items but also helps your worry less so you can find the right place.

Roslindale MA storage rental

Lighten and brighten

  • Lighten your load by moving bookshelves into storage.
  • Pack small items first; this is a fast way to make space fast.
  • Check lights to make sure they are all working. Replace low wattage bulbs with at least a bulb 100 watts or higher.
  • Let in as much natural light as possible by open blinds on sunny days.

Organizing while cleaning

  • Clean every surfaces and be very detail oriented.
  • Deep clean fabrics like curtains, couch cushions, and carpet to remove unwanted smells.
  • Straighten up problem areas in your house by packing and storing everything.
  • Since you are already cleaning make a note of any areas that need a repair or a little more attention.
  • Do not forget the windows both inside and out. Clean off dirt so the natural light can come in.

Exterior maintenance

  • Cut grass on a regular basis.
  • Move your scrap bins to the garage. If time allows, empty the scrap pile at the dump.
  • Cut back bushes leaning against your house that could possibly be hiding the front.
  • Stay up on the weeds in your garden during the spring and snow during the winter.

From interior ideas to exterior impressions, Roslindale Self Storage is here to help. A storage rental provides many families looking for a new home the peace of mind they need.

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