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How do you know which storage unit you need?

Can’t decide which storage unit will work for your situation? Roslindale Self Storage understands the struggles of moving and we want to make it as simple as possible. With our easy to follow chart you can see which size will be most efficient for all your items.

storage in Roslindale MA

2×5: Our Smallest Unit

Have a few boxes that are utilizing too much space in the basement? Stop tripping over them or moving them around. This 10 square foot space is perfect for a couple containers of decorations or the odds and ends in the basement.


5×10: Walk-In Closet

Storing the holiday decor and outdoor equipment are possible with a 5×10. Switch things out when the season changes, that way you won’t have to worry about where to put your inflatable pools beach toys.


Temperature Controlled

This ideal self storage feature comes highly recommended. You will rest easy by the fire or on the beach knowing your gear is not enduring the sometimes brutal weather. The change in seasons is hard enough, don’t leave your treasures to fend for themselves.


20×30: Store the Home and Business

Whether you need to store your whole business inventory or every object in your house, this is the storage unit to have. Keep the large appliances, moving boxes and filing cabinets safe while you move. There is plenty of room for all your items with this one.


When you are packed and everything is labeled stop in to talk with us about the self storage options waiting for you.

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