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June 12, 2022

How to Pack a Storage Unit

Ready to pack your belongings into a self storage unit nearby in Roslindale, MA? Roslindale Self Storage offers temperature-controlled storage options on Lochdale Road for your commercial or residential storage needs. We also have plenty of helpful resources to make your storage experience an easy one. Check out our tips for packing up your storage unit!

Storage Units in Roslindale MA

3 Tips to Pack Your Storage Unit & Save Time

1. Use storage space wisely—plan ahead!

You already know what items you need to store. Figure out how many boxes you have and how much room you need, and then add a little bit of wiggle room. Leave enough space for an aisle down the center of the storage unit to give yourself a way to access all the sides of your unit. Use our online storage calculator to get an approximate storage unit size to hold your load.

We recommend packing valuable items tucked away in the back, while leaving items you hope to swap out more frequently close to the front door.

2. When stacking, pay attention to the weights of boxes and objects.

Heavier items and boxes will make a good base to stack other boxes on top. Pay attention that you only stack on top of boxes that are fully packed and heavier than the one going on top of it.

You can use this same strategy when packing up your boxes. Heavy items should be packed on the bottom, with lighter ones on top. Make sure to not pack boxes with all heavy items, as you could run the risk of breaking the box while moving it.

3. Labels are your friend.

To keep similar items together and help you better find specific items later, label your boxes with their contents. This can be as simple as marking “kitchen” or “bathroom” on the outside. For an even more efficient process, label more specifically. For example: “Kitchen: serving plates, holiday hand towels, serving utensils.” Use a label maker or write on tape so you can use your box again with a fresh label.

Rent with Roslindale Self Storage in Roslindale, MA

Searching for storage? Roslindale Self Storage on Lochdale Road has on-site experts to help you through the rental process to find your perfect storage unit. We offer long-term and short-term renting options to fit your needs. Rent on a month-by-month basis for seasonal storage, or make a permanent storage situation at Roslindale Self Storage. Our storage facility in Roslindale, MA, is completely temperature controlled, giving your items the protection they require from the weather outside.

Browse our self storage selection online, and rent or reserve from the comfort of your own device! Rent contact-free over the phone or online, and start use our tips to pack your storage unit easily! Our storage experts are available in our office to walk through the rental process with you and talk through your different storage needs. Even when you use our contactless storage rentals, our staff is still a phone call away to answer any questions.

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