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February 16, 2021

Refer a Friend to Roslindale Self Storage to Save on Your Next Rental!

Moving to the south Boston area? Roslindale Self Storage has the extra space you need to keep your items orderly throughout your move. Call today to see how we can help you, and refer a friend for a discount! We are experienced assisting with moves, as the rate of people moving from large cities went up since the pandemic began. We look at why below.

Why Did People Move From Cities in the Beginning of the Pandemic?

  1. Finances. The coronavirus pandemic made life a lot harder for everyone. Not only were there massive layoffs and furloughs, but city residents could also not enjoy many of the perks of living in the city. Rent that high looks even steeper when the only thing you can do for most of the day is stay in your home.
  2. Family and Friend Support. The pandemic also brought a lot of people together. Adult children temporarily moved back in with parents. Others looked to seclude themselves in quarantine with a group of friends.
  3. Staying Safe. City governments set harsh restrictions in place, but social distancing ones can be hard to follow when normal city life is crowded.


Storing with Roslindale Self Storage

Need help moving to or from Boston? We can provide the resources you need to handle your storage rental easily. You can call our office on Lochdale Road to speak to one of knowledgeable experts about setting you up with a temperature-controlled storage unit or outdoor parking space. We also offer completely contactless storage rentals. Browse and rent your storage online! Our staff members are still available over the phone to answer any questions. Do not forget to refer a friend to Roslindale Self Storage to each get $50 off your next storage rental!

Start storing with us on Lochdale Road in Roslindale MA!

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