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December 6, 2020

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Storage

Do you plan on putting your vehicle into self storage for the winter? Roslindale Self Storage in Roslindale MA is the area’s choice for storage and storage resources. You need to prepare your vehicle before putting it into winter storage, and we can help you do that. Check out our self storage tips below to make sure you return to your vehicle in top shape!

Wash Everything Well

Your vehicle desires extra care and attention before it sits idle in storage, especially if it will be there for a while. Give the exterior a good scrub to get off any dirt, grime, bugs, and bird droppings. Then top if off with a wax. That way you are protecting your paint while also assuring you come back to a vehicle that is ready to drive. On that same note, you should be just as diligent cleaning the interior of your car. Food wrappers and crumbs could attract pests, so vacuum or wipe all the inside surfaces.

Fill Your Gas Tank Up

The last stop you should take before you drop off your vehicle at the self storage facility is the gas station. To avoid moisture forming in the gas tank, don’t give it any room to and fill up your tank. When storing for longer periods of time, you should also add stabilizer to your gas tank to prevent varnish and gum build up.

About Roslindale Self Storage

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