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October 23, 2020

Roslindale MA: Pack with Our Storage Supplies

Whether you are packing up your items to put into a storage unit or move to a new house, Roslindale Self Storage can help make the process easier. Besides offering temperature-controlled storage, we also sell storage supplies at our Roslindale MA office.

1. Pad Boxes with Breakable Items Inside

When storing breakable objects, like glasses or ceramics, make sure each item has enough padding around it to protect it. Poorly padded items can break by hitting into one another in the box or under the pressure the weight. With glasses, for example, you should wrap each item individually and pack paper or cardboard in between them so they cannot crash together. You can use any soft material to wrap and pad your boxes.

2. Prep Your Storage Supplies in Advance

Once you take inventory of all the items you are looking to pack up, start collecting boxes. And consider what other packing supplies are necessary to safely store your items. We sell all the storage supplies you need at our Roslindale MA facility: boxes, locks, furniture covers, and more. When you purchase storage supplies from us during the month of October, a percentage of your sale will go to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even if you are not renting a storage unit with us, feel free to stop in to replenish your supplies.

Find Storage and Storage Supplies in Roslindale MA

Roslindale Self Storage offers affordable temperature-controlled storage and storage supplies. Our facility on Lochdale Road is convenient for serving the residents of Brookline, Brook Farm, Roslindale, Mattapan, and other South Boston MA neighborhoods. Find your next storage solution online today! You can rent a storage unit and move in right away, or you can reserve a storage unit for a future move-in date.

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