Storage Supplies
October 11, 2019

5 Storage Supplies To Benefit Your Move

Storage Supplies

It can become very difficult trying to figure out the number of storage supplies you may need to pack up all of your belongings for the approaching winter season. Have you been on the lookout for a place store for all of your items? Roslindale Self Storage can be the solution you are searching for! In addition to beneficial merchandise for moving into storage being sold here, we are an extremely safe and secure location.

Give our advice a chance the next time you are preparing for a move. With our help, everything will run smoothly, wiping out any potential stress.

What Storage Supplies Are Needed?

  1. Locks – To secure your storage unit once it is obtained.
  2. Boxes – Multiple size options are beneficial to keep the organization optimal.
  3. Labels – Helps movers and yourself to stay organized when moving into storage.
  4. Bubble Wrap – Gives your fragile and valuable items more protection when packed away.
  5. Dust Cover – Covers all types of different items and furniture to protect against damage due to dust, dirt, and water.

Come by our office and have a look around to see what other storage supplies we have to offer!

The Benefits of Purchasing Supplies Here…

Throughout the month of October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are donating a portion of each merchandise sale to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

With the help of U-Haul’s supply calculator, identifying how many materials like boxes and tape needed for your upcoming move is simplified.

Having never stored your belonging before at a storage facility can have you questioning, “what storage unit is the best size for all my belongings?” Try using our storage calculator to help select the correct amount of space for the items you plan to store. Our units available page gives you the opportunity to rent a unit instantly. However, if you want to come out and have an in-person look at the facility and unit before committing to renting it, there is an option to reserve a unit. As a result of reserving a unit, we can hold that space for you for up to two weeks!

Roslindale Self Storage understands that moving your personal possessions to storage can be something entirely new to you. Regardless, with our storage experts here to make your journey an easygoing process, you can move to storage in a flash. Discover our Roslindale Self Storage facility in Roslindale MA.

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