Long Distance Moves Roslindale MA
May 20, 2019

Long Distance Moves: What To Do First

Looking for extra space during a move? Roslindale Self Storage has interior temperature controlled storage units all on one level. Long distance moves require a little more organization and our moving checklist will get your started.

Roslindale Self Storage is located just outside Boston MA with a storage solution for you. Summer is the time to travel and fix up the house, if this summer involves a bigger move, a storage unit may be the right fix for you.

Long Distance Moves Roslindale MA

A Few Months Before

Start planning as soon as you know when the date is set. Start getting quotes from reliable moving companies. If moving out of state, let the company know so they can best accommodate you.

Make last minute doctors, dentists, and vet visits for your family and pets. Since you will be traveling these may go past due while moving so, it best to schedule a check up before everything changes. Let them know you will need to transfer your records as well.

Two Weeks Before

Touch base with your moving company and storage company to solidify your dates. If anything change, like the date or the amount of items you are bringing, this is a good time to notify them.

Moving Day

  1. Make a clear path to the door
  2. Protect your floors with a layer of plastic.
  3. Save a few items you think you will need right away off to the side.
  4. Clearly mark boxes so movers or family know where to put them when unloading.

A Week or Two After

You may have moved a few times before so you are accustomed to changing your address. If you are new to the system, use this list to make sure everyone knows.

Get your kitchen back in operating order by restocking your cabinets. Spices, dry goods, canned items, may have been discarded before moving if they were past their prime, now is the time to restock. Use this list to make sure there are no holes in your dry stock.

When it comes to moving and storage, let Roslindale Self Storage know. Long distance moves or moving to a new neighborhood, can be simple when you have the storage space to keep your belongings safe.

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