storage in Roslindale MA
June 15, 2017

See Who’s Storing With Us

Is your house getting to cluttered? Does your business need a place to spread out? Roslindale Self Storage in Roslindale MA has the expert advice you have been searching for. Our customers are our number one concern. Whether your needs are residential or commercial we can make storing simple.

storage in Roslindale MA

A local business owner and customer who stores with us is Jerry C. He runs his own delivery supply warehouse out of his unit. With our convenient location and long hours he is able to make his business thrive in the community. Jerry has rented here at this facility for a while and for many different reasons.  He states that he likes the service, location, access hours, and the facility meets his standards of neatness.

Jerry is the ideal customer.  Every time we bump into each other, he has a funny story or joke to share.  It makes for a better day knowing that we have a customer like Jerry here at Roslindale Self Storage.

Many of our local restaurants and small businesses benefit from storage with us. Stop in to talk with us about storage can help you, like it has helped Jerry.

If you or your business would like to be featured in the falls customer highlight, talk with our storage manger today.