summer gear
May 1, 2017

Get Your Summer Gear Ready for the Storage Unit

Is your summer gear ready? This season includes pool parties, neighborhood cookouts, and days spent on the lake enjoy them knowing your belongings are safe. When you need extra room Roslindale Self Storage is right around the corner.

Most of us don’t have the extra room in our homes to keep all the pool toys or patio furniture. Find quick easy ways to make your supplies last all season long with our tips below.

summer gear

Beach Supplies:

Sand has a way of clinging to everything. Consider spraying off your toys before coming home, to reduce the amount of sand.

Clear bags and bins are best for organizing toys.

Don’t forget about the cooler! Get rid of food that will attract animals.


Those battery powered fans were a real life saver at the beach, but remember to take the batteries out before closing your unit.


Camping Gear:

Look for rips or seams that are broken and will not last the summer.

Make a list of what needs replaced. In between trips you can purchase the supplies you need without being under a time crunch.

Get rid of dirt inside and outside of your tent before packing it up.

Labels will keep you efficient when packing and unpacking.


Kayaks / Canoes:

Suspend your boat to save room and stop flat spots from forming.

Get on the water faster and clean out your kayak before and after you use it.

Keep the boat out in the sun until it is completely dry.

Do not try cramming everything into a small 5×5. If you need help determining the size you need talk with the storage professional on site.


Stay on top of the clutter with the help of your storage professionals at Roslindale Self Storage.

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