Roslindale, MA
February 3, 2017

We Love Our Roslindale, MA Neighborhood

We love our Roslindale, MA neighborhood! Our town has a one of a kind beauty you can’t find anywhere else. Many towns people call it the “garden suburb,” because of the surrounding natural beauty.  Members of this community love to spend their time in the local arboretum, which has 265 acres of peaceful land. Roslindale Self Storage is happy to be part of this local Massachusetts treasure. We have come up with a couple characteristic and events that make this location and the community special to us at Roslindale Self Storage.

Roslindale, MA

  • Roslindale has many diverse people in the community. Visiting here will open your eyes, to different people, places, and foods from around the world.
  • The square is a short drive away and a local hot spot full of shops, and places to rest and relax. Find exquisite one of a kind food, or that special gift for your special someone.
  • Roslindale Self Storage, is off Washington Street, on Lochdale Road which is nice stroll away from the center of town.
  • Plenty of food choices for everybody’s unique taste.
  • Local creative minds bring vendors from all over the region.
  • The winter farmers market, which runs from January to March, has the fresh veggies and fruits you miss during the cold snowy months.
  • Roslindale Self Storage is the one stop shop for packing and moving supplies. We are accessible via car, bike, and even walking.
  • What we love most of all about our community is the charitable acts. Our local businesses set up committees to meet and discuss fundraisers, discounts, and ways to help those struggling in our neighborhood.

This is just a small list of events, and ways our local member and businesses give back. We are happy to grow with the local community in Roslindale, Massachusetts. When it comes to needing supplies for your big move Roslindale Self Storage wants to be there to help. Stop in and talk with us about what your needs are and what special events are happening in our neck of the woods.