Why Organization Matters
January 12, 2017

Why Organization Matters

Are you always searching for your keys or your favorite sweater? If you answered yes to that question, it’s time to re-evaluate your space!  When you notice you spend most of your time searching for objects, you understand why organization matters. Stay coordinated all year with Roslindale Self Storage. We have the supplies to get you started and the advice to tackle every room!

Why Organization Matters


Living Room:

  • Keep flat spaces clear of any unnecessary items. If magazines, mail and newspapers are cluttering your spaces make it a habit to find a location for these objects.
  • Utilize every space in your room, even under the coffee table or couch. Storage bins with wheels can protect your belongings and keep them easily accessible.
  • Limit the number of collections or knick-knacks you have out in plain view. If you have to many objects on your shelves think about rotating what is out at a certain time.
  • Add some space around your furniture to give your living room a larger and more comfortable atmosphere.


  • Under the bed storage is the most efficient use of space for your seasonal wardrobe or bed linens.
  • Make time to hang up laundry as soon as it’s done. Don’t let clothes clutter your flat surfaces, put them away.
  • Tidy up before you go to bed. Just like organizing your desk at the end of the day, clean your room before ending the day.
  • Before the season changes go through your clothes and get rid of anything you haven’t worn during the last couple months.


  • Add a tension rod under the sink to hang cleaning products with a spray handle out of the way.
  • There is no need to get rid of the junk drawer. Most supplies in there are important and just need a basket or drawer organizer to keep them in their place.
  • Make use of the space next to the fridge or stove with a roll out pantry.
  • Keep unwanted trash smells contained in a cabinet or under the sink.


  • Go through your files and emails at least once a month, to cycle out old bills and junk files that are slowing you down.
  • Color code your filing cabinet to make your job more efficient.
  • Use a drawer divider to keep notepads readily available instead of being buried by other office supplies.
  • At the end of everyday reorganize your space. Put items back in their homes and start the next day refreshed and ready to go!

Stop the endless search for the remote control or your keys with these easy organization tips. Stop by or call us for help when coordinating any room.